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PSP’s In-house Design team creates new marketing material for upcoming Awards

Thursday, November 12, 2015
PSP will be on display at the upcoming Free Press and Spalding Guardian Education Awards and the Third Annual South Holland Business Awards 2015 with their newly created pop-up banners, making use of QR codes to drive local businesses to PSP’s newly launched product websites.

PSP’s in-house Graphic Design team, has been busy creating new marketing material for PSP’s products as part of a bigger campaign, which has also seen the launch of new product websites for VISION CRM, EX-AM Portal and Outlook Email Tracker.

The new pop-up banners will successfully promote PSP, who are the headline sponsor at this year’s South Holland Business Awards and help drive the local business community to the new websites. “We are proud of our products and services, so investing in new product marketing material to spread the message at local events will help drive new business. The pop-up banners also make use of QR Codes, which will direct people via their mobile devices to our newly launched responsive websites just by pointing their camera phones at the banners.” Said Joe Verde, CEO.


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