CIPS Ex_AM Portal and Standardisation Case Study

The EX_AM Portal

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  • Title: The EX_AM Portal
  • Categories: Bespoke Development, EX-AM, IT System Integration, Rebranding and Design, SharePoint
  • Company: The Chartered Institute of Procrement and Supply
  • Year: 2013


CIPS wanted to improve their current standardisation process by gradually moving from thier paper-based system to on online IT system. They needed a solution to fit within their existing SharePoint based Assessor Gateway.

  • All completed scripts to be scanned and uploaded to the platform.
  • All Markers to be able to view scanned scripts online.
  • All standardisation documentation to be viewable on screen, while Markers are marking the scripts.
  • All standardisation documentation to be printable, including the scripts.
  • Online summary forms to highlight the variance and must be based on the existing spreadsheet.
  • Online summary form to highlight the variance using RAG indicators for every Marker.
  • Online summary form to be accessible by more than one user at one time, as read only.
  • All Assessors to be able to see every mark and comment within the summary forms, based on their permissions.
  • A new marking team view to be provided, to allow assessors to see their team members.
  • Creation of a progress dashboard to track the status of each unit through standardisation.


Before we implement a customer solution, we take great trouble to ensure we fully understand it. Consequently, we spent considerable time process mapping the paper-based system for standardisation to ensure all processes are captured. 

This enables us to highlight those steps in the process that were not adding value and suggest improvements when automating. PSP created a specification with CIPS to ensure everything within the standardisation development was captured. 

PSP merged the existing functionality of the Assessor Gateway into the new EX-AM Portal system, ensuring everything that CIPS could do before are still able to carry out now. The standardisation was developed as an add-on module into the EX-AM Portal platform.

The system was released as a pilot stage for the first standardisation session, which went extremely well. Subsequently the EX-AM Portal has been used for all standardisation sessions.

Visit our EX_AM Portal site for more information.


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