DWF SharePoint Extranet Case Study

SharePoint Extranet

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  • Title: SharePoint Extranet
  • Categories: .NET, Bespoke Development, SharePoint, Website Development
  • Company: DWF
  • Year: 2013


DWF provided PSP Ltd with design layouts for an extranet system in Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Their main requirements were for us to create CSS styles sheets that can be applied to SharePoint and a master page layout used throughout each of the different page designs. Design features included the ability to change the name and colour of the main menu navigation, donuts and master page parts, with the background colour and site map functionality being the same as the external facing website.

DWF required the following for their extranet redesign:

  • Master page layouts for the homepage.
  • Style sheets for Login, homepage and each of the sub-sites.
  • Ability to change the name and colour of the main menu navigation, donuts and master page parts.
  • The background colour to be the same as the external facing website.
  • Site map functionality to match the DWF website.
  • Dynamic menu options.


In addition to the main requirements of the provision of the CSS styles sheets and the master page layouts used throughout the different page designs, there were other areas covered to ensure DWF, a valued client, were provided with the best possible solution available.

These additional areas consisted of the creation of a login page for the extranet system, which used both forms based authentication when accessing an extranet site externally, but also used Windows authentication for access by internal users without the need for signing in. The creation of extranet systems for DWF's clients, all with unique dynamically controlled navigation menus, was an essential requirement allowing the client to create bespoke pages suitable for their clientele.

Requested functionality included the Font Accessibility Control, which allowed the user to change the size of the font on the screen, PSP Ltd ensured that when this occurred the website did not lose its 'look and feel'. New footer links were established along with matching the site map functionality from the external facing extranet. User roles were incorporated into the system to ensure certain permissions were given dependant on the desired needs of each.


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