PBM Outlook Email Tracker & VISION CRM & MIS - Case Study

Outlook Email Tracker and VISION CRM

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  • Title: Outlook Email Tracker and VISION CRM
  • Categories: Bespoke Development, IT System Integration, Outlook Tracker, Vision CRM
  • Company: Premier Block Management
  • Year: 2015


Premier Block Management Limited (PBM) contacted PSP to register their interest in our bespoke Microsoft Outlook Tracking plugin Outlook Email Tracker and VISION CRM & MIS analytics tool. The interest in the ability to review statistics on email activity stemmed from increasingly high volumes of email activity across the business while PBM have grown in size. This, in turn, lead to question whether PBM could be more productive if various root causes could be identified and addressed, thus reducing the number of queries sent in from clients and partners.

Premier Block Management required the ability to track internal and external emails with the added ability to analyse the data in both chart and report formats.

The Outlook Email Tracker tool sits within Microsoft Outlook and appears when you click on the ‘Send’ button, you can then tag the email you are sending to a relevant category. When an email is sent/read the tracker will assign a unique reference number which is used throughout the life of the email for the tracking purposes.

VISION analytics tool is built on a simple and easy to use interface with a navigation menu that is familiar and similar to the Microsoft products. PBM are able to use this tool to add and manage their users, departments, divisions, categories and reasons with ease. Using the dashboard interface, PBM can see at a glance reports on the number of emails sent, received and replied to.

The installation took place on site with two senior PSP members. They carried out the installation and showed a walk through of the system, which included a full demonstration and user training on the analytical tools for the company Directors. The installation was a success and once the system was configured, installing the 10 users was a swift and simple process keeping downtime to a minimum.

Visit our Outlook Tracker site for more information.

"As a customer focused company it is vital we reply to customers quickly and understand why they are contacting us. This was the reason I began searching for software solutions that could assist us in this area. The benefits of this software for us are twofold; 1) That we gain an insight into the reasons why customers are engaging with us and 2) so we can use the speed of e-mail response as a KPI for performance review.

From when I first contacted PSP regarding the outlook tracker to post installation Mark, Richard and Joe have been a pleasure to deal with. They were very professional and answered all of our queries from basic questions to compatibility with our other software quickly and skilfully.  They liaised with our IT people in regards to upgrading some PC’s and other technical stuff.

Like most people running a business I am very busy and always appreciate quick answers to my queries and to deal with people that are knowledgeable about their product.  PSP certainly delivered this and we are very happy with both the product and the service."
Gary Cane, Premier Block Management Operations Director


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