Winyard Engineering, New Responsive Website Case Study

Winyard Engineering, New Responsive Website Case Study

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  • Title: Winyard Engineering, New Responsive Website Case Study
  • Categories: Rebranding and Design, Response Web Design, Umbraco, Website Development
  • Company: Winyard Engineering
  • Year: 2017


Winyard Engineering appointed PSP IT Design and Development to design and develop a new modern looking and fully mobile responsive website for today`s discerning customers. The site displays their bespoke food manufacturing machinery, along with the ability to view a short video of the machinery in use. The family run company of Winyard Engineering have been successfully running their engineering business in Pinchbeck, Spalding for 45 years.

Following a review meeting with Winyard Engineering, the following requirements were identified for the new web site:

  • Mobile Responsive & SEO - A mobile responsive web-site with Search engine optimization that would help increase traffic ultimately leading to increased sales and customer interaction.
  • Easy to use - incorporating fresh new styling and an intuitive website that is navigable for visitors, promoting an increased visit time and recommendations.
  • Self-Managed Content - Using full Umbraco CMS (content management System) allows Winyard to easily administer their own web-site, entering data, pictures and special interest news items.

The initial phase of the development consisted of PSP producing a functional specification to outline all of the requirements for the new website. The specification covered, in detail, the technical and development requirements to build a new mobile responsive site for Winyard Engineering.

Detailed within the specification were the fields, pages, workflow and logic required within the site.

The functional specification was handed over to Winyard Engineering for review and sign off. Once both parties had signed the document, PSP began development of the new site.

The new website was developed using the Umbraco CMS (content management system) platform, including the addition of fully responsive pages for usage on a range of tablets and smartphones (Apple, Android and Windows based). 

The open source Umbraco platform allows Winyard Engineering to manage their own site content quickly and efficiently. Winyard Engineering administrators can create, upload and delete site pages, without having to submit and wait for requests to be actioned by third parties. Umbraco also includes a comprehensive user management system, allowing Winyard Engineering to control who can add, edit or remove content.

Beyond the development and in line with PSP’s commitment to quality, a comprehensive test plan was created and utilised, and user guides were created to support user training, implementation and to ensure maximum buy-in from all stakeholders.


  • Modern, refreshed look and feel for the Winyard Engineering website
  • Powerful and easy to use Umbraco content management system
  • Responsive design for use on smartphones and tablet devices
  • Efficient and easy to use website


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